Meet Our Scholars

Get to know some of the extraordinary members of the LEDA Scholar Community
“My potential to succeed is immeasurable. All I need are the tools to prosper.”
Viviana, Yale University
“LEDA means being part of a community comprised of some of the most brilliant minds of our generation – all of whom deserve to live visibly.”
Bryan, Brown University
“I refuse to let the way I grew up define me or what I can do with my life. I know where I am going and I know what it is going to take to get there.”
Kiana, Barnard College
“It all started for me when [LEDA] gave me permission to think differently.”
Cody, Dartmouth College
“I have become more dedicated to acting upon, rather than simply witnessing, the suffering of others.”
Christian, Harvard University
“To get the knowledge, the opportunities, and the future that I want, I would do almost anything.”
Anisha, ASU Barrett, The Honors College

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