"LEDA taught me that while my circumstances were a part of who I was, they did not have to limit my opportunity. Becoming a LEDA Scholar gave me the resources to make college a reality. But the most valuable thing LEDA gave me was a voice."

Natasha, Colgate University '15
Our 20th Anniversary Celebration was held on May 1, 2024, at the Edison Ballroom!

What We Do

Students from under-resourced backgrounds are underrepresented at the nation's top universities, diminishing their opportunities to become leaders in our society. LEDA works to close the gap.

We're dedicated to helping exceptional young people overcome challenging circumstances to reach and succeed at the most selective colleges. Our support guides them from the admission process through graduation and beyond.

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The Difference We Make

Our Impact

LEDA scholars come from households with an average annual income of


We proactively seek out the most promising future leaders and give them the support they need to pursue their full potential.


have enrolled in the top tier of American colleges

Since our inception in 2004, nearly 2,000 LEDA Scholars have gone to institutions ranked in the top 100 of the most widely used lists. Last year, 97% were accepted to at least one of these top schools.

Under-resourced students at top colleges face distinct challenges


of LEDA Scholars graduate within six years, a success rate on par with students from more privileged backgrounds.

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How We Do It

The LEDA Scholars Program

Our program offers exceptional students and potential leaders vital support from high school through college and beyond.

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“I refuse to let the way I grew up define me or what I can do with my life. I know where I am going and I know what it is going to take to get there.”
Kiana, Barnard College

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