Our Impact

A look at LEDA Scholars since our inception in 2003.

They have come from




are first-generation college students

Their average family income has been

They are racially diverse

35% Latino
28% Black
16% Asian/Pacific Islander
9% Multiracial
9% White
3% Native American

LEDA changed me in a way that I love. Rather than being some kid who just wanted to get a good job and defy a stereotype, I became a person who is trying to change the world.

Harrenson, Dartmouth '18

have enrolled at a college classified as Most Competitive


have enrolled in an Ivy League college


have graduated within six years,

a rate that is on par with their more affluent peers.

LEDA has opened the door to opportunity and maximized the leadership potential for hundreds of high-achieving, under-resourced students who might never have even considered applying to the nation’s most competitive colleges.

In 2018,


of LEDA Cohort 13 Scholars was admitted to at least one of these highly selective schools

The Class of 2021 was awarded more than

$3 million

in financial aid and scholarships

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