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Get to know some of the extraordinary members of the LEDA Community
“Seeing how proud everyone was of their cultures at LEDA made me feel the same pride and helped me connect more with my own. I felt more confident and prouder of my identity, especially when leaving home and going to college.”
Raylen, Dartmouth College
“LEDA gave me more specific goals and tools to work toward becoming the type of leader I want to grow into.”
Lissy Samantha, Lone Peak High School
“I was honored to be a part of the LEDA Summer Institute because it allowed me to have a community that I never knew I needed.”
Adwoa, George Washington University
“If you have the opportunity for a meaningful experience, take it. There are only a handful out there, and LEDA is something you definitely don't want to miss out on.”
Johna, Colgate University
“LEDA is a support system: I know that I can reach out to my LEDA counselor – or anyone at LEDA – and find resources for anything that I may need.”
Brittney, University of Nevada, Reno
“LEDA gave me the best community to share my hopes and fears with.”
Hassan, Columbia University
“LEDA's support during the college application process was priceless.”
Cam My, Princeton University
“LEDA has given me a sense of normalcy and consistency at a time when that can seem so rare.”
Kennedy, Shiloh High School
“Through LEDA, I've formed some of my longest lasting bonds, been connected with resources and opportunities I couldn't have imagined before, and continuously received emotional and logistical support.”
Karim, Stanford University
“LEDA Scholars are by far the most supportive people and I know that we all have each other's backs for the long run; after all, it's #LEDA4Life.”
Panisara, Northwest Guilford High School
“It's constructive and inspiring to learn from other Scholars' experiences and to know that LEDA is committed to providing these spaces for us.”
Jesus, Rogers New Technology High School
“The members of this community really make the time to help one another in times of need.”
Ahmed, Stanford University
“It can be hard to have everything virtual, but if you stay focused on your deadlines and the things you have to get done, then you will be able to have an effective remote learning experience.”
Rachel, Stanford University
“The LEDA Community is an avenue for me to educate myself through my peers and their experiences, as well as find my role in the current circumstances of our world.”
Muskan, Princeton University
“The best thing I learned during this pandemic is that LEDA doesn't expire. It's "LEDA 4 LIFE."”
Chris, University of Richmond
“LEDA showed me that diversity itself is valuable...and I learned that leaders make better decisions when they draw on multiple perspectives and unique experiences.”
Lukasz, Harvard University
“Through LEDA, I learned that a big part of serving a community is building safe spaces and investing in the people in them.”
Therese, Pitzer College
“A sense of and desire for community is essential for leadership.”
Charlie, Brown University
“LEDA was incredibly helpful in shaping a more expansive understanding of myself and what I was capable of.”
Deborah, Vanderbilt University
“My potential to succeed is immeasurable. All I need are the tools to prosper.”
Viviana, Yale University
“LEDA means being part of a community comprised of some of the most brilliant minds of our generation – all of whom deserve to live visibly.”
Bryan, Brown University
“I refuse to let the way I grew up define me or what I can do with my life. I know where I am going and I know what it is going to take to get there.”
Kiana, Barnard College
“It all started for me when [LEDA] gave me permission to think differently.”
Cody, Dartmouth College
“I have become more dedicated to acting upon, rather than simply witnessing, the suffering of others.”
Christian, Harvard University
“To get the knowledge, the opportunities, and the future that I want, I would do almost anything.”
Anisha, ASU Barrett, The Honors College

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