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Each year, LEDA recruits 100 exceptional public high school students who demonstrate leadership potential and may benefit from additional support as they navigate their journey to and through college.

When LEDA first came to my school in rural Georgia, my counselor and I were shocked that such a program existed. There were other programs, but none could boast the level of personal care, attention, and life-long commitment that LEDA promises.

Duc, Yale '16

LEDA is dedicated to building a diverse Scholar community. Each fall, LEDA staff members travel to high schools throughout the country to visit with students in communities that are underrepresented at selective colleges. Students who we can’t visit in person can also attend virtual programs to learn more about our application process and connect with LEDA staff and fellow applicants. School counselors, community-based organizations, and our own Scholar community all help us tremendously by spreading the word about the unique opportunity of LEDA. Click here to sign up for our recruitment & admissions email list.

Successful applicants must complete a rigorous three-part application process, mirroring the admissions process for highly selective colleges and universities. To learn more about our application and our criteria, click here.

To learn more about the application timeline, click here. Our flyer, which includes a summary of what LEDA offers, can be downloaded from ledascholars.org/flyer.

If you have any questions about LEDA’s recruitment and admissions process that are not answered on our website, please contact us at recruitment@ledascholars.org.

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Successful applicants must complete a rigorous, multi-tiered application process.

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