How a free computer changed this Harlem teen’s life

How a free computer changed this Harlem teen's life

What is it like to be poor at an Ivy League school?

High-achieving, low-income students, often the first in their families to attend college, struggle to feel they belong on elite campuses.

30 Years After Michelle Obama, Cultures at Princeton Still Clash

There is more to access than admission. The culture at the first lady’s alma mater is still very much one of privilege.

The Challenge Of Being Poor At America’s Richest Colleges

A scholarship may get high-achieving, low income students into the Ivies, but life at these schools can be tough when you’re an economic fish out of water.

Opening the Door for Low-Income Students to Overcome “Aristocracy” of Higher Ed

For kids who grew up poor or without higher education role models, the idea of attending one of the best colleges in the country isn't just a dream – the goal may not have ever occurred to them.

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