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Los Angeles, CA
Stanford University

RachelLEDA Cohort 15 Scholar Rachel shared with us her experience adapting to the pandemic and how the LEDA COVID-19 Emergency Fund supported her. The Fund was established to help members of the LEDA community meet immediate needs that arose as a direct result of the pandemic.

Thanks to the dedication of members of the LEDA family who made the Fund possible, Rachel is one of the Scholars who said that they found some financial stability during the pandemic, helping with basic necessities such as food and critical bills.

She also shared that, as she finished her senior year in high school with online classes and social distancing, being productive while remote learning could sometimes be challenging, and it’s easy to lose motivation and focus. What really helped her stay focused was being able to create a routine for herself, which allowed her to be productive. “It can be hard to have everything virtual, but if you stay focused on your deadlines and the things you have to get done, then you will be able to have an effective remote learning experience.”

Published July 22, 2020

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