Cohort 16’s Community Impact Projects


Every year, the Aspects of Leadership course at our Summer Institute culminates with a presentation of our LEDA Scholars’ Community Impact Projects. For seven weeks, Scholars apply their leadership skills by deeply considering the particular circumstances of their home communities, then designing an intervention that leverages the community’s strengths to address one of its challenges. During the final week of the Summer Institute, all Scholars present their projects to their peers, faculty, staff, and invited guests.

Topics of this year’s projects by members of LEDA Cohort 16 included environmental awareness and sustainability, access to and quality of educational resources, mental health, identity and inclusion, and access to basic needs. Six Scholars were recognized for exceptionally well-researched and well-presented projects.

2020 Community Impact Project Presentations

  • Angel: UH x HHS Computer Science Program
  • Aura: Spark, Bringing LGBTQ+ representation to Rogers High School
  • May (seen above during her presentation, upper-right): Painting the Town of Prattville Green with Eco-Meets
  • Michael: College Readiness SOS
  • Michelle: Kits Con Cariño (Combating Poverty)
  • Victoria: Shiloh High School’s College Readiness Club

Congratulations to all of our Cohort 16 Scholars for their outstanding work this summer at our first virtual Summer Institute!

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