Dr. Gail Furman Scholars Fund


In recognition of Dr. Gail Furman, a longtime LEDA Board member, and her lifelong commitment to nurturing young people to reach their full potential, advancing college access for high-achieving students from under-resourced backgrounds, and ensuring that our leaders are representative of this nation’s citizenry, LEDA is proud to establish the Dr. Gail Furman Scholars Fund. Over the course of five years, this fund will fully support ten newly recruited LEDA Scholars in their journey through the LEDA Scholars Program, including: Recruitment and Admission, the Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute, college guidance, and college success services, including academic, socio-emotional, and career support. We are so grateful for Gail’s abounding legacy, steadfast commitment to LEDA, and, most importantly, her commitment to each and every single LEDA Scholar.

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